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From a small idea to innovate in the travel industry World Travel Services Inc., was established in 2005. Since the beginning we wanted to provide quality information and affordable travel arrangements for local residents and friends who wanted to see the world. We wanted to build a business that provided the highest levels of customer service and true value. Today that commitment to quality and affordability is carried on by World Travel Services Inc. Vincent Sullivan is the owner whom is dedicated and in charge to provide the best customer care service, World Travel Services Inc. is made up of several divisions dedicated to providing value and dependability to tens of thousands of travellers each year. World Travel Services Inc. Specializes in Hawaii, Mexico, Canada, Europe and Caribbean vacations and will provide a package just right for you and your budget.


World Travel Services, Inc.
706 2nd Ave. S Minneapolis, MN 55402
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Tel. 612 520 7546
Fax 612 520 7584

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